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Serving as a UIF Since: Fall 2016
What he does now: Sells bicycles, otherwise trying to figure it all out
What that means: creating great experiences for a wildly diverse group of people, changing cycling culture with local groups.

Contact him about: Sneaky lil' experiments, creating/changing culture, facilitation, and bicycles
Email: mcriscuo@udel.edu

(There's going to be a picture of me here soon)

Matt Criscuolo is a University Innovation Fellow and a recent graduate of Chemical Engineering at the university of Delaware. Matt is passionate about creativity and its applications to technical fields. 

Matt's work at University of Delaware focused heavily on culture and designing small experiments. A highlight of this was 20k Passions, which called upon all students on campus to engage their passions in a pop-up event that was as simple as sharing and as complex as students were willing to engage it. 

Matt now sells bicycles for Trek Bicycle, which allows him to apply many concepts in facilitation, creating culture, and looking on the bright side of every interaction, as well as nerding out about new bike tech and trying to put the biggest possible tires on every bike he owns. 

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