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Marshal Head

South Plains College (SPC)

I am currently a student at SPC enrolled in the pre-engineering program. Growing up in a rural community I learned many key characteristics to success. I learned that most problems have many solutions. Persistence and determination are key in finding the fastest and best solution. Hard work and perseverance got me into this position and will propel me further and farther. I acquired these traits from working with and around amazing people including; his grandfather, his father, and many others who displayed these traits. My close friends and I led our high school football team to the Texas 2A Division 1 State Championship in 2008. Many hours put in behind the scenes game me the strength and knowledge to overcoming being one of the smallest players in my position. Along the way I inspired teammates to push just as hard toward success. I also volunteer to teach the fourth and fifth grade Sunday school class every week to help spread the word and light of God. Being twenty three I decided four years ago to marry the girl of my dream. We have since expanded our family and have a young son. These two are the rocks that hold me up where I am today.

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