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María Juliana Moya is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student who majors in both, Industrial Engineering and Computer and Systems Engineering at Universidad de Los Andes (Uniandes), Colombia. In 2015 she graduated from Los Nogales school where her high sense of responsibility and commitment earned her a distinction for having the best GPA of her class. As a result, she won a scholarship awarded by the Central Bank of Colombia. With this scholarship she entered Uniandes, where María Juliana was first exposed to the University Innovation Fellows initiative. As a future engineer, she believes in the process of innovation as a valuable resource that should be incorporated into the continuous improvement of the learning process, and saw this initiative the perfect opportunity to learn and make an impact on her environment.


In 2014 because of her interest in being able to improve her communication skills, she participated in effective negotiation and communication training at the George Washington University. María Juliana loves teaching and helping others in the learning process, which has led her to do about six jobs as a teacher's assistant in the last 3 years at Uniandes. She also enjoys helping her friends improving their learning process and is always happy to accept new challenges and become a team member as an enthusiastic leader or with any other role she must play in it.

Regarding Maria Juliana’s personal interests, she has always have a passion for music and literature. In her free time she enjoys playing piano for her family and friends and frequently attends classes to relieve stress and expand her repertoire. She constantly reads and studies Latin American writers such as Gabriel García Marquez, Julio Cortazar and Mario Vargas Llosa which gives her a different perspective of what the history and context has been where she was born. 

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