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About him:

Malik Oliver is a current sophomore studying chemical and mechanical engineering at Fayetteville state university and as a distant student at Iowa state university with an anticipated graduation date of 2016. He graduated high school from the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. he currently work as a student researcher for the center for defense and homeland security on his campus and as a professional tutor at a community center for low-income schools in the surrounding area. Mr. Oliver has worked with people from chancellors to CEOs to senators, and continues to grow his networks. Currently he is working with his school's HBCU innoovation summit team in order to develope an entrepreneauship certificate program in conjunction with the center for defense and homeland security cyber securty certificate program.

He am a very easygoing guy, likes to think outside of the box, and easy to talk to. Things he loves to do include writing and performing music (violinist, violist, classical guitarist), reading, traveling, and adventuring out in to the world. In addition, he am still a very active fencer (foil and sabre). He likes to always be involved with programs, events, and activities in which he can help other people. It keeps him busy and it always helps his ideas grow by giving me another perspective on society. Mr. Oliver am always excited to meet new people, so if you stop by, email or message him because when it all boils down to it, you are all just college students with big dreams, and he want to share his dreams with the world.