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Malia Ashmead is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate study Biomedical Engineering with a minor in Business Management at Florida Institute of Technology (FIT). Being born in Gunagzhou, China then living out her childhood in Pennsylvania Malia has decided to settle in Florida for her undergraduate career. Having always been passionate about STEM and bonding with others Malia had found University Innovation Fellowes to fuel her impact on the community.

Malia is highly dedicated to her career and her academics, being involved with her department lab allows her to get greater experience in the field she will be one day working in professionally. At FIT, Malia has always had a motivation to get involved and be immersed in her community. She is involved with Residence Life and Student Ambassadors, which allows her to be a role model and leader in her campus community. When she is not doing her duties as a Ra or Student Ambassador, Malia can be found is one of her many other organizations, such as her sorority, Alpha Phi, in Society of Women Engineers, BMES or even in Street Dance Club once and a while.

Malia has always been open minded to new experiences since a young age. Growing up she learned to show horses, play the piano and cello, and learn the in and outs of FRC Robotics. Eventually finding a passion for medicine, engineering, and people through working in hospitals and volunteering with the Red Cross in high school. Today Malia continues to show her passions through being a University Innovation Fellow.


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