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Madisyn Dudley is a sophomore Dual-Degree Engineering major from Suwanee, Georgia studying electrical engineering and computer science at Clark Atlanta University. Parallel to her love for STEM, she is a social activist and volunteers with the Joseph
and Evelyn Lowery Institute for Justice and Human Rights. With the things she learns through her studies and actively interacting with the Westend community of Atlanta, Georgia she strives to lead and inspire more minorities, especially females, into the amazing world of STEM/STEAM!

As well as working with the Joseph and Evelyn Lowery Institute, she is also a member of the Isabella T. Jenkins Honors Program. Within her major, she is also a teaching assistant as well as a research assistant under Dr. Olugbemiga Olatidoye. Her research involves studying the transfer of kinetic energy into electrical energy as well as augmented reality. She is a part of the CAU Visualization Development Team whose mission is to use augmented reality to aid cosmetic design changes throughout her campus.Alongside her passion for STEM/STEAM. 

Madisyn loves to express herself in many art forms such as painting and sketching and is also a classically trained ballerina dancer. Her experiences dancing, playing volleyball, and involvement in clubs such as student council and numerous mentoring programs have aided in her ability to connect to and interact with a large, diverse range of people.