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Madison Lovelace
School (Cohort)
Georgia Institute of Technology (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Industrial Design
United States


I am just a good ole farm girl form real rural Georgia, and I had to get out of the one store town I grew up in to thrive in the city. I had little knowledge of what my plans were when I got to Georgia Tech but I knew I had to get there. Throughout high school, I struggled with my curiosity in the STEM field and my passion for art and creativity. Then when I was aware of Industrial Design, I instantly knew that this is what I wanted to do. Looking back, I'm glad I drove headfirst into this major even though I couldn't see the bottom. As I actually began to learn about what Design was, I felt even more at home. I already had a great deal of empathy for those around me and was prided in being an open-minded person, and I get to use those traits all the time. I feel my upbringing gives me an edge that I can bring to Design and the work ethic to get me far.

Personal Life

I wanted to use the achievements section to give more of a glimpse of my personal life. I am a dog person, with a large white lab named Bear. I enjoy anything that I can do with my hands: whether that's cooking, baking, wood carving, construction, or sewing, I could be considered a renaissance woman. I am a fan of the outdoors. I like to rollerskate, hike, garden, and have spent a lot of my summers lifeguarding. I'm a people watcher and observer of some of the more useless things (I can remember numbers like nobody's business). I have a lot of excitement for learning new recipes, skills, or cultures.

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