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A native of Atlanta Georgia has forever been a chemist. As a child, the fascination chemicals drove his desire to want to create the next best cleaning product. Assured that he would create the next best cleaning solution with the combination of Pine-Sol and bleach Lionel prepared to make his first chemical solution. If not for the watchful eyes of his mother Lionel would have met a very harsh introduction. As Lionel matriculated through school he continued to show promise throughout his science courses. Having obtained a Bachelor of Science in chemistry from Savannah State University Lionel is now pursuing a PhD in organic chemistry at Clark Atlanta University.

As a student Lionel has remained dedicated to professional development as chemist. Currently serving a second term as the president of the student chapter of The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) he has used the position of leadership to help develop himself as well as my colleagues. Through shadowing opportunities at various corporations and government agencies students are provided the opportunity to view a variety of career opportunities utilizing skills developed through their chosen fields of study. Various workshops to develop resumes and CVs along with chats with recruitment personnel who could provide interview pointers to assist students in preparing themselves to put their best qualities on display during interviews. During his tenure as president of NOBCChE at Clark Atlanta University the chapter has established an annual science outreach to the K-12 community. NANO Day is an opportunity to introduce students to the growing field of Nanoscience and how it affects product applications. NOBCChE’s outreach also provides an opportunity to keep the students engaged with desires to pursue careers in the STEM.

Lionel has received extensive training in entrepreneurial innovation leading to commercialization taking part various industrial projects in conjunction to his thesis research. Currently he is in the forefront in the development of biobased composites. As part of Mr. Cross’ dissertation he developed and characterized PLA/CNC composites and is a co-inventor of biocompatible, bio-based, biodegradable technology currently being pursued for patenting. Mr. Cross has developed a strong background in composite processing and characterization of thermoplastics and thermosetting polymer systems. As a University Innovation Fellow Lionel will continue to develop entrepreneurial strategies that will complement his strides in innovation throughout his professional career. Having been encouraged to continue to build a depth and breadth of knowledge Lionel continues to explore the field of Nano science, polymers, and processing for its many possibilities and economic growth potential.      

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