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     Kyle Pitocchelli is a student at the University of Massachussetts Lowell currently studying Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management. He graduated from Methuen High School in 2007 and began college part time at Northern Essex Community College. While attending school he also started his own automotive detailing business to generate extra income as well as started working for Best Buy Mobile. As a part-time student he understood that it will take considerably more time to attain his bachelors degree therefore he was sure to be hyperfocused on gaining as much real world working experience as possible. Within 1 year he became co-manager of his own Best Buy Mobile store and also dropped his auto detailing business to start performing HVAC work on the side with a close friend who holds a license in the field. As a co-manager he broke through heavy resistance and achieved some high level goals such as taking his store from underperforming at $500,000 annual revenue to nearly $1,000,000 annually. His store became an example for the rest of the district and a leader in profit generation.

Following the 2013-2014 holiday season Kyle had saved a considerable amount of money and decided that it was time to move on and take the next step in his career. He resigned from his position at Best Buy and focused on involving himself in the local innovation community in Lowell and Boston. Under the guidance of his professor Tom O'Donnell he decided to pursue the University Innovation Fellowship which would set the stage for a future in innovation and entrepreneurship. He is now focused on intergrating innovation and entrepreneurship into his career path and has a goal of working a full-time postion at the university helping to continue the growth of the innovation ecosystem on campus while also pursuing personal ventures on the side.