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Kritika is currently a second year student studying a dual degree in Business and Information Technology at University of Technology Sydney. 

Ever since she was young she feared risk. The thought of risk taking and failure frightened her. However as she progressed over the years from primary to high school and essentially high school to university her perception about life altered. This ever so cautious game player started to adopt risk in her regime and abided by the simple fundamentals of Brene Brown, ‘There is no innovation and creativity without failure. Period.’ It was when this free thought of risk being more than detrimental sparked did she really appreciate its role as a gateway to opportunities, inquisition and experimentation. 

Growing up in a highly educated household nurturing a higher education was the norm. However, stepping into the field of Information Technology as a female in a family of Accountants and Doctors was rebellion. A rebellion that not only welcomed thrill into her life but became her first risk taking move. A student, incessantly reminded by her peers that Information Technology doesn’t welcome female with open arms. Yet still continuing to pursue what she believed was her area of interest. From here on forth she was the epitome of rebellion (within limits). She began to utilise her proactive drive in a more comprehensive manner, and started taking part in much more extra curricular activities from applying to executive positions, taking part in case competitions and even the occasional sporting event.