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Positive and proactive BCom student at UBC's Sauder School of Business, who is a well rounded individual and thrives on being apart of countless activities.
Currently is multitasking between classes and having executive positions on two clubs, working part time, and being captain of a volleyball intramural team. However, shows much passion, dedication, and puts forth her best towards each and every activity. Excelled in organization and execution in various tasks and is able to succeed as an individual or as a team member. 

One of my favourite memories this year include being an orientation leader for the Spark and Imagine Day. I was an enthusiastic mentor, who was able to interact and aid in the presence of fostering a community for first year students transitioning into the Sauder School of Business. From being interpersonal I was able to connect and maintain many relationships along with providing any assistance to enhance their experience. 

Passions include travelling, having been to all the Disney World's, dancing, volleyball and badminton.

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