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Kira Sze is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student persuing a B.S. in Cognitive Science at Yale University. Within the Cognitive Science major, she focuses on how students can most effectively learn and be taught in a tech-centered world. Sze is from San Mateo, California. 

Sze had the priveledge of attending a progressive lower and middle school with a heavy focus on collaboration and the design-thinking process. Students were encouraged to engage with novel ideas and with their peers from diverse intellectual backgrounds to build new things. However, as she transitioned from middle to high school, she was shocked by how the implementation of grades so drastically changed how students approached intellectual challenges and creation. The perspective Sze gained from experiencing education first-hand in two different academic environments sparked her curiosity: how do external environments and internal mindsets affect how people learn and approach creation? 

Entering Yale, Sze witnessed many of her peers developing exciting and novel ideas in their courses but not taking the extra step necessary to bringing their idea to the next level. Sze is excited to collaborate with her fellow University Innovation Fellows at Yale to build pathways from creativity in the classroom to creation at Yale's innovation and entrepreneurship hubs. 

Outside of the classroom, Kira enjoys singing with her a cappella group, Mixed Company of Yale, and working as a Peer Wellness Champion for Yale's Good Life Center. 

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