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Kevin Mejia
School (Cohort)
Iona College (2022 cohort)
Majoring in
Marketing and Entreprenuership
United States


I'm Kevin Mejia, and as I enter my final year at Iona University, I could not be more grateful for the position I currently stand in. I was born in Colombia, a beautiful country that offers great sights, food, music, and people. A place where I will one day return to enlighten young minds to reach for the stars by giving them a foundation. At the age of 21, I realized the importance of self-awareness, self-confidence, and most importantly self-love. During my preliminary years in college, I had a fear of the world itself. A fear that the world was not in my favor, a fear that I was alone. I held money and job titles to such a high degree that I failed to see the bigger picture. Entrepreneurship changed my life forever. Entrepreneurship helped me see my capabilities, talents, and most importantly, the opportunities around me to reach for the stars. Applying myself to a greater mission, surrounding myself with great minds, and being confident in myself, has instilled a fire to one day return home and communicate the power of innovation and an empathetic attitude.

By reconfiguring my view of the world, I have been taking advantage of all possible opportunities. Iona University does a fantastic job of providing programs, mentors and spaces for their students to succeed. I owe it to The Hynes Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Iona for the realization of my entrepreneurial talents and journey. I received second place for the Iona Innovation Challenge (IIC) 2022 which was a huge accomplishment for myself. For my senior year, I will be the Vice president of Engagement for the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) at Iona University. The Hynes Institute led me to the Stanford D. School University Innovation Fellows. I will take full advantage of all the blessings presented before me to do something bigger than myself in this world.

In my spare time I love to listen to music, journal, read, and play video games. My favorite things in this world are strawberry shortcake and Dragonball Z, although I have grown a bit, at heart I will always be a kid that enjoys the simple things in life.


Iona Innovation Challenge 2nd place

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