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Kevin is currently a student attending the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.  He is a junior in the Biomedical engineering program and is currently pursuing a business minor through the Ross school on campus.  His first exposure to entrepreneurship was through his work as a laboratory assistant in the Craniofacial Research Lab, which is part of the University of Michigan Health System. This lab has lead him to the startup he is currently involved in which is focused on increasing the rate at which cellular analysis can be performed in order to more quickly diagnose disease and more efficiently identify treatment options for afflicted individuals.  This endeavor has lead him to work extensively with several of U of M’s entrepreneurial programs giving him insight into their inner workings from the viewpoint of an inventor.   When not tinkering with microscopes and cells, Kevin is an active leader of the University of Michigan Tae Kwon Do team where he acts as the treasurer and as a member of the competitive sparring team.