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Kevin Bastien attends the University of Portland and is majoring in computer science with a minor in entrepreneurship.  He will be obtaining his B.C.S. in May 2015.  Kevin is actively involved in the entrepreneurship community at the University and is passionate about attracting student peers to an E&I movement. When Kevin is not working on his ventures or school, he plays lacrosse for the University.  His parents recently moved to Florida, so he is a far away from home and looks forward to visiting them during the summer.  He is currently involved in a couple of entrepreneurial ventures of his own, and is experiencing the ups and downs of starting a venture firsthand. Kevin is apart of the UIF Spring 2014 batch, and intends to bring all that he has learned from the fellowship back to campus. 


Email: kevin@universityinnovation.org

Twitter: @kevinjbastien

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