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Keturah Bethel, ECS and ACS scholar


Keturah Bethel is an undergraduate research assistant at the University of the Virgin Islands who’s majoring in applied mathematics. She spent most of high school circumventing challenges. However, after the death of her father, she realized that life is too short to live in fear of the unknown.  She initial decided against attending college, fortunately, she realized the error of her ways and has been working nonstop towards her academic goals. Keturah is now both an American Chemical Society scholar and an Emerging Caribbean Scientist scholar.  When she is not busy spilling corrosive chemicals in the lab, she enjoys awkwardly emulating dance moves, indulging in suspenseful novels, and most importantly, eating peculiar foods.  She also volunteers with UVI’s 4H program and UVI’s NSBE Jr. http://universityinnovation.org/extensions/WYSIWYG/ckeditor/skins/kama/images/noimage.png?t=B49E5BQ