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Junpei ZHOU

Junpei Zhou is a senior student in Zhejiang University, majoring Computer Science and Technology. He is passionate about studying the Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and Recommendation System.

There are many people who have vision impairment in the world. They can’t feel the colorful world directly by eyes. As a student major in Computer Science, he is eager to help solving this kind of problem by studying Deep Learning and Computer Vision, which can help blind people get the information of the things around them. Recently He is doing a project in the field of Visual Question Answering, which means that blind people can ask any questions about a picture and the computer will give him or her the answer. And the picture can be taken by wearable device so the blind people can ask questions about the scene around them, like “What are the animals around me?”, “What are they doing?”. And they will get answer from the Visual Question Answering system. He think this technique can achieve a state-of-art accuracy if they keep studying it and he is sure this will really help blind people live a better life.

As a candidate for the UIF program, he hopes to engage with the country's most brilliant young minds and do something pertaining to innovation and entrepreneurship in collaboration with his leadership circle.

To connect with Junpei, please email jpzhou1996@gmail.com