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Juliana Ramirez is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Chemical Engineering at La
Universidad de Los Andes. Juliana is originally from Cartagena, Colombia, where she lived until 2018 when she moved to Bogota, Colombia for college. Even when she thought she would study Psychology, she bumped into Chemical Engineering and suddenly changed the destiny of her whole university experinece. Studying what and when she did, she got to know the University Innovation Fellows program.

At La Universidad de Los Andes, Juliana's always tried to participate in as many activities as she can different from the typical academic stuff. She's been part of the Chemical Engineering Student Council ever since her first semester representing her semester. In addition, she's part of the Los Andes Rugby sports team, represeting her univeristy in competitions against other university's. In her spare time, she enjoys to go out with her friends and family and always tries to come up with new innovative ideas: even when knowing she could fail, she tried to open a new sports team inside her university.

Ever since Juliana can remember, she showed strong interest and abilities in entrepreneurship and leadership. Growing up, she was the kid who never held back and always tried to improve things around her. She also tried to speak up in representation of everyone, trying to make as many people as possible feel good. Juliana has always been passionate about the projects that she comes up with, becoming unstoppable until completing the initial objective. This passion has made her stand out and show how dedicated and willling she could be in order to make things work. She's always said her life goal is to look back on her decisions and not regret a single choice she's ever made, knowing she's where she should be and enjoying everything life has to offer.

Email: jd.ramirezq@uniandes.edu.co  |  juliramiqui@gmail.com


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