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Joyce Sunday is an innovative undergraduate student at University of California, San Diego studying Chemistry. Joyce's interest in innovation and entrepreneurship began during her science and technological research about energy, power and electricity production using renewable sources. Her researches gave her the opportunity to incorporate her academic abilities into real life innovative experiences.Her work experience ranges from working with waste to working with renewable sources of energy.

Joyce Sunday is currently a co-founder of a startup company in University of California, San Diego called Wastelights. Wastelights is an environmentally conscious energy company that aims to eliminate waste by providing customers with a sustainable source of waste-derived electricity while improving the environment. After building a rough prototyoe back in her country, she decided to bring that small scale system to a more refined waste conversion system that can be used by anyone both on the small scale, mediumscale and large scale. Her goal is to make energy, power and electricity acessible to everyone both in developed and undeveloped country. The mission of Wastelights is to empower communities around the world to utilize waste to meet 100% of their energy needs.  By the end of this year and the winter of next year a more refined prototype will be created and launched sucessfully.