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Jose Pabon Andrade is a University Innovation Felllow and graduate student studying Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). His focuses include Prototyping and Product Development. Jose is originally from Quito, Ecuador, where he lived until 2013 when he moved to Munich, Germany to start his studies. There he had the chance to meet people with different backgrounds and perspectives about how to make an impact on society, which led him to pursue an interdisciplinary Master's degree at the same university, where he was exposed to Innovation and Entrepreneurship and the University Innovation Fellows.

At TUM, Jose has worked as a graduate assistant for TUM's I&E course Think.Make.Start., a two-week Design Thinking Experience, where students develop their own ideas into functional prototypes. Here he applies his knowledge from the two master's degrees he's pursing to guide students during the process from idea to product. Jose is happy to help anyone, advising students who want to build a brand identity for their freshly made startup to wearing furniture around when a friend is moving.

Jose did not discover I&E from a very young age, but ever since he was exposed to it at TUM, Jose has kept searching for ways to get more involved with this topic and learn how to teach it to other students. It was there that he discovered his passion for teaching and knew it was the way to realize his vision of developing an entrepreneurial mindset in his home country to achieve social justice. 

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