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Jorge Sanchez is best described as a life-long learner and entrepreneur. Originally from New England, he has moved to study Technology Entrepreneurship and Management at the innovative and entrepreneurial Arizona State University. There, he has co-founded Startup Village at ASU, has done consulting for a cafe and brewery, is treasurer of the Technology Entrepreneurship Club, and is always looking to work on new ventures and ideas.

Jorge is an avid golfer and travelholic who enjoys reading, problem solving, and history. He is also dedicated to volunteer work, and has traveled recently to Guatemala to help with the development of a grammar school and fundraising for scholarships. 

Jorge's passion for being an entrepreneur became apparent in his childhood, when he decided to try to sell his project from an innovation faire to those who appeared to be interested, and again when he created a lawn-mowing business in middle school. At the age of 21, he created a medical supply delivery company, which he managed in between classes and homework. He is currently working on a company to address the obesity issue in America, and has thus far made it through a fundraising competition. 

Jorge's main desire in life is to promote innovation and entrepreneurialism. 

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