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Jordan King is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student studying Electrical Engineering at a historically black institution, Prairie View A&M University. Jordan King is originally from Shreveport, Louisiana where he attended Captain Shreve High School. Jordan was a student in his high school's engineering magnet program. Upon graduating from high school in May of 2015, Jordan was determined to pursue his passion for engineering. During his early years, Jordan did not encounter many engineers of color. Because of this, he became very tenacious about developing an awareness about the deficit of minorities in engineering and to make engineering a mainstream option.

At Prairie View A&M University, Jordan serves as the Vice President of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Within this organization, he promotes technological innovation for the benefit of humanity. Jordan is the founder and president of Prairie View Consulting Association which is a student ran consulting firm that enhances student organizations and student entrepreneurs businesses through consulting services. Jordan is determined to increase the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem at Prairie View A&M University. He has created business pitch competitions, hosted screenings of entrepreneurial movies, hosted speaker engagments, and developed field trips to incubator and accelerator facilities for college students to attend. Jordan is technically skilled, as he was awarded a 2017 Apple World Wide Developer Scholar, and he is a business minded individual, as he has participated in many business pitch competitions. Jordan believes that innovation rest when two different worlds collide. This has inspired him to create an interdisciplinary program within his organization Prairie View Consulting Association where students from different departments come together to create innovative solutions for student entrepreneurs' businesses. 

From a very young age, Jordan was determined to one day give back to his family and to his community. Jordan had the privilege to be mentored by the best and be exposed to some of the highest realms of innovation and possibilities. Jordan lives by the notion "to whom much is given, much is required." He believes that because he has been blessed with the opportunities to do more and become more, then it is his duty to develop opportunities for others to succeed. This is the root of Jordan's drive and passion. He holds the entrepreneurial spirit inside of him because he has dedicated his life to take on high risk in order to create opportunity areas for others to grow and prosper. Jordan's main goal is to create social change and excite people to follow their true passion. 

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