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Math and science have always been a big part of my life. I was never good at writing or reading, but
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math always clicked for me, and I found science very interesting. I have wanted to be an engineer since around the age of 7, when I first went to an amusement park, and rode my first roller coaster. Here I am, 13 years later, studying mechanical engineering at Western New England University with a concentration in mechatronics systems.

I had first learned about University Innovation Fellows from one of my professors from freshman year. He recommended that I fill out an application, along with several of his other former students, because he believed that working together we would be able to create change on campus. We are currently planning several innovation programs on out campus, and have many more ideas for campus wide change. Our main project is working to give freshmen engineering students more hands on experience with the tools and equipment that they will use in industry or graduate school when they graduate.

We are working to create programs in the evenings to teach students machine shop safety, and the proper ways to use the equipment. Some other potential projects include working with professors to help students get internships, and creating programs designed to capture the innovative minds of individuals, to bring the campus together as a whole.