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Jonah Kirby is a junior at SMU pursuing a major in Mechanical Engineering with the aspiration of doing design engineering full time. When he is not working or in school, Jonah loves the outdoors; fishing, hunting, and being a proud Texan is what he loves most. In the past three years, Jonah has focused on product design and engineering, having completed numerous projects such as a SLA 3d printer, a direct-drive wind turbine, and an autonomous robot that could find, test, and remediate various water sources. Most recently, Jonah spent 7 months as a design engineer at a startup company in Austin called Reaction. As a key member of the team, Jonah was given the opportunity to design, prototype, and engineer many different components of Reaction’s flagship product, the Exo, which is a modular disaster response housing unit. In this time, Jonah became familiar with metal part design, rotomolding, injection molding, high-level industrial design, and most hand fabrication/ prototyping processes. In addition, he spent a lot of time tracking down suppliers and working with them to produce and source the highest quality products. Although he is passionate about engineering, Jonah sees design research and human centered design as a pivotal part of building a truly amazing product. The medium between good design research practices and sound engineering is where Jonah belongs. As a University Innovation Fellow, Jonah hopes to share his joy for design and engineering to the SMU campus. To see some of Jonah’s work visit jonahkirby.com or email him at jwkirby@smu.edu.

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