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Jim Boulter is an undergraduate student at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute studying Computer Science, with a minor in Economics.  He's currently Chief Technology Officer and consultant for The Inventor's Guild, and has interned at Apprenda.  He's also worked for a small startup as a Lead iOS Developer on a social media application.  His work with The Inventor's Guild includes development, project management, and recruitment.  At Rensselaer, Jim's involved with the Rensselaer Center for Open Source Software as a mentor and also spends time as a Teaching Assistant for Intro to Open Source.  He also has worked for the school to build an open source platform for event check-in using geolocation and image validation.  Jim specializes in iOS development and interface design for mobile devices and works on mobile applications regularly through consulting, contracting, and personal projects.

In his spare time, Jim is an avid music lover and audiophile.  He also enjoys strategy video and board games, either alone or with friends.  Jim also builds enthusiast gaming computers and is a big fan of the Boston Bruins hockey club.  Jim lives a vegan straight edge lifestyle, abstaining from alcohol, recreational drugs (including caffiene), meat, dairy, and all other animal products.  Jim also has a great big beard.

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