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Jennifer Bower is a University Innovation Fellow and an undergraduate student at Loyola University Maryland. She is pursuing an interdisciplinary major in Biology and Psychology as well as a minor in Sociology. She hopes to work in a field that is based around bettering the lives of others using the skills and knowledge she will gain from her degree.

As a child, she often wondered how other people viewed the world around them which has helped her to analyze many different perspectives and perceptions of a single subject. This has heavily influenced her interest in psychology and sociology. In high school, she played basketball and ran track, was a member of the National Honor Society which gave her the opportunity to plan a clothing and food drive for the Deep Roots organization and pursue other service related events.

Currently, she is a member of the Honors Program and a volunteer through the Hounds for Hounds club. She helping to start a new club on campus based around spreading positivity to other students by encouraging everyone to live kinder lives. She loves animals and can often be found volunteering at the MD SPCA or other animal centered facilities. She is also deeply committed to serving her community and encouraging others to do the same. In her free time, she enjoys photography and spending time exploring the natural world around her. She is motivated by other students and faculty to create positive change movements that will better the entire community, and she hopes to innovate the service learning program on campus in order to make it more accessible to all students on campus.

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