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Jay Kumar is a sophomore pursuing his bachelor’s in electrical engineering at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering. From his experience as a student teacher his senior year of high school, Jay witnessed the flaws in our education system firsthand. This prompted him to reject the pursuit of achievement and focus on becoming the best version of himself that he can be.

As part of this, from helping plan the School of Engineering's Welcome Week to taking initiative on his ideas, Jay strives to act on his vision of how the world should be. Through his fellowship with the University Innovation Fellows, Jay is working with administration, faculty, and student leaders to cultivate an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. He’s also a lover of practical technologies, delving into software and Arduinos, while also keeping up on the latest tech news. In his personal time, Jay enjoys strength training, reading, writing and walking aimlessly along the City streets.

Follow him at https://twitter.com/jaykpunj or shoot him a message at jay.kumar@nyu.edu


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Jay Kumar

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