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Jared Hanley is a University Innovation Fellow and Mechanical Engineering undergraduate at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). His dream career is to become a Mechanical engineer with a focus in the automotive industry due to his love for vehicles.

His decision to be part of a prestigious organization and become a University Innovation Fellow opened a major opportunity for his advancement in leadership qualities. He wanted to be different and seek change for the betterment of not only himself but for his peers. This takes a great amount of courage and maturity which is what Jared wanted to gain. Through the training and workshops that comes along with becoming a fellow, change can truly be a reality in a community. A jumpstart from this fellowship will enable him and his peers to become pioneers of their community and become lifetime leaders of innovation. With this momentum, they will stand out of the crowd in every endeavor. That edge is why becoming a University Innovation Fellow is more than just a want. It is vital for a leader’s survival.

Jared's passion lies in the world of motion, specifically but not limited to vehicles. That’s why he decided to take on the challenge of becoming a mechanical engineer. His love for the automotive industry spans beyond the heart of your everyday mechanic. He wants to be on the team of elites that are behind the planning of the next best economical phenomenon. His passion is fed with the hobby of taking apart his car and customizing it to make something personal or a “mechanical image of me”, he says.