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J Hemalatha is a university innovation fellow and an undergraduate student of technology in computer science and engineering at Siddharth  institute of engineering and technology (SIETK).  She is much interested at learning new things , exploring and educating people around her. She sees very wide scope of possibilities over every chance. Lived in Puttur Andhra Pradesh ,India for 14 years her childhood was spent in Mumbai , Maharashtra and was moved to puttur for education . As everyone around her could notice her talent and versatility and perfectionism she meld herself into useful pot to all of the people around her discovering herself every day & night.

She is very much interested in reaching the resources to needy in SVU (Sri Venkateswara University) an internship program has been undertaken by her. Being a Microsoft Student Partner for the 2015-16 academic year has co-ordinated Hackathons  and seminars to enlighten students with bright knowledge.

She is a very good speaker and influences a lot with the public debates and an amazing negotiator .A chance to lead a team would show her to you in a better way as she can fulfill this task efficiently.

I am the only fellow of my campus and hence you may not find much related links

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