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Living on the island of St. Thomas United States of the Virgin Islands, there has always been a barrier that has limited the use of new innovations and technologies. My love for math started in second grade when the teacher posed one of the hardest questions any second grade math student could solve. Having found the answer, all my classmates were dumbfounded at the fact that I figured it out. Intrigued by its direct relation to the physical world, my passion for math has grown as a part of me ever since. For me, engineering is more than a career choice, it requires time, persistence, and hard work. Joining your graduate program would help me to develop a more modernized world by bringing forth a new perspective into the scientific field.

I just completed my freshman year at the University of the Virgin Islands majoring in Engineering, however; UVI offers a 3-2 program which one receives a degree in Applied Mathematics and two year exchange program at another university to study engineering courses. This seemed like an enormous task but I am up to the challenge having completed my first year.

Engineering is more than a career choice, it is an art that requires time, persistence, and hard work. This lifestyle would allow me to “understand myself, unlock my potential and unleash my innovation.” This statement was highlighted at a conference in Anaheim, California by the National Society of Black Engineer’s, which I attended in January of 2015. As an active member of this group, I not only gained insight about my career path but it also proved to me that I can be successful. Attending this conference and being in an environment where everyone around you is looking to innovate and make a difference has made me want to join this society of people ready to make a difference in the world.