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Serving as a UIF Since: Fall 2015

SchoolUniversity of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus

What she does now: CEO & Co-Founder, Edvo Tech

What that means: She aspires to evolve education by developing technology to help educators design better learning experiences

Contact she about: education, entrepreneurship, technology, dancing, Latino culture, coffee & more coffee, helping disadvantaged communities, Harry Potter (& other books, but mostly Harry Potter), beaches & tourism

Email: jahannie.torres@upr.edu

Phone: 787-375-7094

Jahannie tr.jpg

Jahannie is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering with a focus on Software, a minor in Business Development and a certification in Virtual Education at the University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez Campus.

Before founding and becoming the CEO of edvo, Jahannie was selected to become an University Innovation Fellow. This program, along with the UPRM E-ship Network gave Jahannie the tools and motivation to co-found the first makerspace at UPRM, the Tech Blast Conference and the Solidarity Scholarship for disadvantaged communities.

After developing high impact projects at her campus, and working in several internships and researches, she realised that her passion lies in combining technology, entrepreneurship and education to create a better society.

Currently she is the director of Achieve, which is the division of Idea Platform that promotes entrepreneurship among the student community at her campus, helping other students to develop or scale their businesses. She uses her experience and knowledge to guide them.

Her most recent venture is founding edvo, a startup that makes designing learning experiences easier. By developing technology with a scientific pedagogical base, edvo enables educators to work efficiently, effectively and to feel more confident.

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