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Jacquelyn Demshick is a nature-loving biomedical engineering/ design, innovation and society major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI). At RPI
Jacquelyn runs Engineers for a Sustainable World's Haiti project. They are installing a mobile solar-powered charging station in a small village allowing the villagers to charge their phones without walking for miles in the mountainous terrain. She also is a part of a new club called TIES (Technology, Innovation, entrepreneurship and Sustainability Society) which aims to unite like-minded students with the resources they need on campus to make a difference. 

Over the summer Jacquelyn interned at Vapotherm, a fast-growing medical device company that manufactures an alternative to CPAP using a nasal cannula and HI-VNI technology. When she isn't busy working or planning projects, Jacquelyn is usually spending time with her boyfriend, family and friends, doing crafts, caring for her plants, and thinking up designs for new user friendly medical devices.

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