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University Innovation Fellowship Candidate [[File:Jake keasbey.jpg|thumb]]Jacob is an aspiring environmental engineering student with a passion for entrepreneurship. A freshman at Norwich University, Jacob is working towards his B.S. in Civil Engineering with a minor in Business Administration. Working closely with faculty from the Business School, the Engineering School, and the Arts and Architecture School, Jacob hopes to produce the first minor in entrepreneurship at Norwich University. Believing that innovation is a key driving force in entrepreneurship, Jacob looks to bridge the gaps between the three schools listed in order to produce a well-rounded entrepreneurship minor backed by innovation. An active member in the school community he also hopes to host more events on campus based around entrepreneurship. Beginning work as a University Innovation Fellowship Candidate, Jacob knows this is a great opportunity to improve his own and his university’s entrepreneurial mindset. == Related Links  == [[Norwich University|Norwich University]] [[Norwich University Student Priorities|Norwich University Student Priorities]]