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Isaac Prentice

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Isaac Prentice is a University Innovation Fellow and undergraduate student at La Salle University completing a double major in Marketing and Business Management/ Leadership. In addition to education at La Salle, Isaac is the Executive Vice President for Enactus and a very active entreprenuer working to inspire other students to do the same through teaching rapid prototyping/ innovative thinking classes across the country. Prior to transferring to La Salle University, Isaac completed an Associate's degree in Architecture & Applied Sciences from SUNY Delhi. At SUNY Delhi Isaac was very involved, acting as the president of three clubs and an active member of eight. As a Sophomore, Isaac became the youngest student in college history to lead the Student Ambassador Program (The program is reponsible for all operations of new students/ families on campus).

Isaac contributes his success thus far to his 21st century, Project Based Learning High School, Tech Valley. Tech Valley is a professional environment in which the main focus was spread across six individual learning outcomes: Critical thinking, Innovation, Collaboration, Self-direction, Technology literacy and Communication. With a focus spread across multiple learning outcomes, Isaac says it helped fine tune areas for growth and hone in on specific areas of improvement. Using these learning outcomes as a foundation to each project, Isaac brings a unique skill set to every professional environment.

Isaac is inspired everyday to learn new things from people who have reached the level of success he strives for. With this goal in mind, Isaac is actively pursuing a change in higher education with his company Prototopics. Prototopics focuses on being the innovation that education deserves, by working with K-12 schools, universities and businesses to teach them the core fundamental of utilizing innovative thinking in everything they do. His main arguement is that modern schooling systems are not preparing students for the 21st century life ahead. This point was what brought him to working with businesses as well, knowing that most people there went through the same education system that we are trying to fix now.  Isaac looks to connect with like-minded individuals and entrepreneurs that strive to change the world one step at a time. His favorite quote ties directly to that, "Every encounter matters." Gloria Larson, President of Bentley University

Email: Prenticei1@student.lasalle.edu

Phone: (518) 956- 4249

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/isaacprentice