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Hussain Alsulaiman also known as "Sam" is a Mechanical Engineering student, currently studying at Temple University. The over 5 year experience in the oil/gas industry, car mechanics, arts (music & martial arts), and farming are somehow shaped his mind to pursue knowledge focusing on Mechanical Engineering and the Environment. He was a bad farmer though, his father used to say. His goal is to extend the world's age and hopefully bring it back to normal operation by focusing on using renewable resources. Sam is always known for having motivational attitude towards those around him. Waking up ecstatic every single day, seeking new knowledge, is his daily routine. Thinking positive always, no matter what the circumstances are, a moment will come to present itself with a solution and this way, SUCCESS is going to be INEVITABLE. The only reason that make me say this is that I was criticized back in my home when I quit my well-paid job just to study abroad. I was judged negatively from the people that I care about most because they thought that I was risking my future for nothing and that I would not go to study, rather they thought I came to play. Long story short, the difficult part is that we are forced to dance with time, we cannot skip it; thus I am positive that I will make them proud. Moreover, I am willing to cooperate and collaborate with any team with all possible means to fulfil any task that we will be given as a team and I know one thing, team work is crucial to soar and I will do my best to not let anybody down.

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