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Hayden Rogers is an undergraduate student studying Political Science at Boise State University. He emphasizes in public policy and governmental affairs.

Hayden was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Without a doubt a fundamental passion for Hayden is service. While in highschool he created and led multiple fundraisers benefiting the underserved in the Boise area. He then decided upon Boise State as a result of his love for the Boise area. It was during his time at school he also became aware of the UIF program. 

On campus Hayden is involved in a variety of areas. He is President of the Student Advancement orginization which works to employ oppurinity for students so they can create their own, and to connect allumni to the student body. He is an active member of ASBSU which is the student government on campus.

He works under the student lobbyist to help fight for students in the Idaho State Capitol during session. He is also a member of the fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta. Hayden has also served in the Idaho State Senate as a senate page. 

Hayden is the reciepent of the YMCA's Civic Engagement award for his work benefitting the community around him. Hayden sees innovation as an important factor in the process of change. He hopes to continue to make lasting and meaningful impacts to help those around him through the UIF program. 

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