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Hannah Mannering Profile Photo.png
Hannah Mannering
School (Cohort)
Loyola University Maryland (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Computer Science and Data Science
United States


Hannah Mannering, a sophomore at Loyola University, is part of the Fall 2020 UIF cohort. She is double majoring in Computer Science and Data Science. This summer, Hannah interned with Vanderbilt University Medical Center doing COVID-19 research. Her passion for STEM and cybersecurity guides her to volunteer as a technology instructor and promote more diversity in the technology workplace. At Loyola, her cohort is working together to start a hands-on research center. This research center will gove resources to students, enabling them to learn about relevant opportunities and more.


Hannah's achievements include being on the dean's list, an internship with Vanderbilt University, being a member of Loyola's CPaMs Scholars Program, receiving a scholarship for NCWIT's national conferences, being an NCWIT Change Leader, receiving a Linux Foundation scholarship, a scholarship for AMIA Symposium, and being an award winner for NCWIT Aspirations in Computing.

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