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Hana Feiner is a University Innovation Fellow with a B.A. in Spanish and a self-designed B.A. that combines creative writing, management and communications, called Writing and Marketing Communications. She has minors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and Women's Studies. Hana lived with a host family and studied in Havana, Cuba from January to May of 2016, and spent 11 weeks in Israel during the summer of 2014 that included couch surfing, interning at an educational nonprofit in the Old City of Jerusalem, and volunteering, hiking and meeting some pretty awesome people through a community building program in Tzfat. 

Hana is a lover of life, people, differences and problem solving. From renewable energy to women's rights to access to clean water, education and internet, Hana has a lot of problems she is passionate about. Most importantly, she enjoys helping others discover what they are most passionate about solving, and helping them figure out where to begin.

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