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Brandon Graham is a proud University Innovation Fellow at Rowan. From design projects, to tinkering at home, he is most at peace when taking things apart and finding ways to make them better. He is currently studying mechanical engineering, with future aspirations to work as a Disney Imagineer. Current design projects include 'SMARTRIDE' - an intuitive long board ride managment system, as well as "Hoverbike" - a dual engine drone system, capable of being operated from onboard via a human pilot. If you are interested, check out some similar designs below.





Brandon works on campus as a lab technician for one of our on campus innovation / maker space facilities. There, he assist students in turning their ideas into a phisical reality through traditional and advaced manufacturing technologies i.e. solid modeling, 3D printing, CNC machining.

When he is not in the shop, he is an active member of the ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) community accross the east coast and around the world. As the Student Regional Chair of the Eastern U.S., he is responsible for coordination and outreach to student sections, with the goal of creating effective commmunication pathways, as well as connecting ASME's young members globally.

Outside of engineering and promoting E&I on campus, Brandon is the owner and founder of a mobile entertainment company which he started in late 2009. 

Other hobbies include: cooking, listening to Jazz, reading, and sleeping (When I can get it).

Some thoughts on life: "Time, is our most precious commodity." 

Let's make something happen! If you have an idea for a product, a new train of thought, a good book, feel free to talk to me!