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Gillian Castaldo is a University Innovation Fellow and is majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Rowan University. She has grown up and lived in Trenton, New Jersey her whole life. She has wanted to become a Civil and Environmental engineer ever since she found out about Engineers Without Borders and built her first bio-sand filter in middle school. She embodies the necessary skills to succeed in an entrepreneurial position. Her creativity and technical skills shine through when solving problems. She is skilled at formulating ideas and putting them into action.

Gillian enjoys her UIF group and feels as though they perform to their best ability together. They are all individually their own and bring different skillsets to the table. Gillian is able to listen attentively to ideas and allow people to see her perspective of things while also giving them the floor. Her most important trait that makes her a great fellow is that she is dedicated to make changes to Rowan University. She possesses the persistent nature that is willing to network with shareholders and work hard for opportunities of change to be implemented on campus. For as long as she could remember, she has always been inspired to bring about change to help others.

Gillian is also a well-rounded individual. She is a part of nominations committee of Alpha Sigma Tau here on Rowan University campus. Through this, she has helped set up various events such as a charity walk and fundraiser for breast cancer awareness as well as the Mr. Anchorman Pageant raising $2,000 for the Camden County Women's Shelter.