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Víctor Frankl, affirms that: "The door of happiness opens outwards, the more you want to open inwards,  more you will close it".

The current times, make us live fast, stressed, thinking about everything we have to do throughout the day, locking ourselves in our little world that does not let us see beyond our needs and desires, without being able to see what happens around us and unwilling to do so. Living inward makes us more selfish; Sometimes giving way to states of loneliness, sadness even depression.

When we have pride, vanity, selfishness ... it is difficult to put ourselves in the skin of the other; We feel that we are lowering ourselves before the possibility of help that can be presented to us. When we are assaulted by thoughts of rejection such as: "How will I render my service if it is me that I should serve?". Ask yourself: what do I get out of all this? What do you give me in return? All this shows the moral inferiority we have, even to overcome, because it can close any possibility of a good and healthy relationship, which opens up situations to put ourselves at the service of selfless and at the same time, gratifying with others.

Nowadays, serving others is not understood as the predisposition to help others, it is understood more as servility, therefore it is not a mode of action that proves assiduously.

We're wrong, when we think we're wasting our time.

Helping others generosity always helps us to grow internally, we develop our capacity to love, to give ourselves. We awaken the need to be useful to our neighbor and environment.

Misusing the opportunities to be useful and help that life offers us, is to lose opportunities to grow internally, to go step by step, developing sincere feelings and moments of joy that helps us to walk the path we have.

As we mature, growing inside us, we understand how important it is for us to love and help others, we feel free from our apparent needs, the meaning of our lives changes.

 Thinking that my work will affect other people, predisposes me to fulfill my responsibilities and commitments as best i know, because with my work well done, I also serve those around me, whether family, social, work or in solidarity with the rest of the world.

 Some of my favorite and guiding phrases of Albert Einstein (I love them)

1.Only those who try the absurd can achieve the impossible.

2.What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always correct.

3.The search for truth and beauty is an activity that allows us to remain children all our lives.

4.Love is a better teacher than duty.

5.Try not to be a successful man. Instead, try to become a man of value.

6.Only a life lived for others is a worthwhile life.