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Garrett Goehring is a junior at Northwestern University where he is majoring
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in Learning and Organizational Change (an interdisciplinary mixture of Organizational Behavior, Cognitive Science, and Business) and completing a minor in Religious Studies. Garrett has focused much of his coursework on innovative organizations in order to fuel his passion for Entrepreneurial and Innovative Thinking, Leadership, and Organizational Behavior and their application to both individuals and organizations.

 Garrett is fascinated by entrepreneurial soft skills and their impact on the success of individuals and organizations and has recently begun research on the topic in hopes of formulating an informal curriculum that teaches the subject.

Garrett has been very involved in the entrepreneurial scene both at Northwestern University and in the greater Chicago Area. He has served in various leadership positions within EPIC, Northwestern’s premier entrepreneurial group, and as the director of the entrepreneurial-focused division of the Institute for Student Business Education. Additionally, Garrett has interned for numerous Chicago startups, as well as for 1871, Chicago’s largest and most concentrated technology startup incubator.

 When not pursuing his passions, Garrett can be found enjoying turn of the century sitcoms, rooting for the Cleveland Browns, and experimenting with delectable desserts in the kitchen.

 If you are interested in learning more or getting in contact with Garrett, please visit his personal website at www.gmgoehring.com, Linkedin, or he can be reached via email at gmgoehring@gmail.com.

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