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Fred Etingen is a Pre-Med Biomedical Engineer at the University of Miami. This may sound like a natural fit, but it is really his way of bridging his two halves: the professional that idolizes Oncological Surgeons for their technical knowledge and skillful prowess, and the 8-year-old like manchild that uses the words "design engineering" as an excuse to play with power tools and make cool toys. Fred has had a significant amount of experience in the medical field, with shadowing and volunteering experience in both clinical and operating environments, as well as biochemical research on several cancers. He is passionate about many aspects of medicine, but cancer specifically has affected many people in his family, and he strives to find a way to positively impact the way that we treat the disease. He also has experience in design, and has a soft spot for 3-D printing. Fred also loves to procrastinate on these passions by drawing, playing piano and guitar, and cooking.

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