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Evan Gentile is a University Innovation Fellow and is currently a student at the University of Connecticut pursuing a dual degree in Manufacturing Engineering and Engineering Management. Evan loves tinkering and building things, philosophy, books, and meeting new and interesting people. The reason that he came upon the Innovation Fellows program is because for most of his life he has felt that he needed more from his own education. Every creative idea he came up with seemed to have no place in the classroom. He was always vexed by other students who could perform better than him on standardized examinations and put himself below them as a result of it. For a long time he has felt alone in his creative pursuits, and resorted to keeping his ideas bottled up in his own head. Now in college he knows he has both the confidence and the motivation to search for what he wants to be successful, instead of trying to mimic others. He knows that if you have the courage to search for avenues to your passion, then the right people will take notice even if you don't think anyone else is paying attention. That is how Evan ended up invited to this program, and he couldn't feel more supported and energized!

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