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Erin Winick is a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Florida (UF). Growing up she was the creative type that would spend any


down time making new thing ranging from KNEX robots that didn’t match the instructions to Rube Goldberg machines that covered her house. Only in college did she find the perfect fit for her intense curiosity, passion and design, engineering.  More specifically, she found a love for leadership and entrepreneurship within engineering.

Erin gained engineering experience during her summers at Bracken Engineering, Solar Turbines: A Caterpillar Company, and John Deere. These experiences shaped her technical skills and gave her the experiences of working in companies of a variety of sizes.  Erin discovered that she was most happy when she was building and pursuing new and innovative ideas in small groups creating something new in the world.

During her collegiate career Erin has served as the President of the UF chapter of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and is currently serving as the SWE Region D Collegiate Representative. For the past year she has been working for San Francisco start-up, 2025 Labs, with the goal of bringing technology literacy to all kids and inspire a more diverse next generation of technology creators. She is excited to try to help encourage other students to pursue engineering as well as entrepreneurship.


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