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Emma Johnson
School (Cohort)
University of Richmond (2020 cohort)
Majoring in
Healthcare Studies and Russian
United States


Emma is an undergraduate at the University of Richmond, where she has majors in Healthcare Studies and Russian and minors in Philosophy and Leadership Studies. Although this combination of majors and minors may seem strange, to Emma, it represents the value of interdisciplinary interests and how they have shaped the trajectory of her life, both professionally and personally.

Growing up in debate and around government officials, Emma developed a passion for policymaking early on that continues to influence her work. This policymaking experience is also what sparked her curiosity about healthcare, the field she is poised to enter within the next few years. Specifically, she worked on legislation related to the opioid crisis, which was the first time she deeply considered the importance of various ethical leanings. Although she didn't know it at the time, these "bigger" questions she was struggling with would undergird her minor in Philosophy.

Since entering Richmond, Emma has become involved in a number of different organizations and projects, including Interpoint, Next Generation Healthcare Collective, and so on. Emma serves as the Co-Founder and Assistant Organizer for Interpoint, which is a national organization dedicated to facilitating conversations around diversity, inclusion, and systemic injustice. Since its inception in 2018, Interpoint has encouraged students to challenge their own beliefs about who they are and how they understand the humanity of those around them. Now, in its second year, Interpoint is expanding its reach beyond the University of Richmond's campus to other universities across the nation. Information about Interpoint, including its history, the team, and ways to get involved, can be found at www.interpoint.org.

In addition to her work with Interpoint, Emma is the Founder and Co-Chair of Next Generation Healthcare Collective. Founded in April 2020 with one of her friends, this group was created to function as a space for current and future healthcare professionals to discuss industry trends and connect with each other. Emma sees the lack of collaboration in the healthcare industry as a pressing issue, and she hopes that this group will help students and professionals find great value in working together.

Outside of her work with Interpoint and Next Generation Healthcare Collective, Emma is passionate about healthcare innovation, and she aims to attend graduate school or law school for a healthcare-related capacity. In her free time, Emma enjoys absurdist humor, hiking, playing the harp, and spending time with her family (including her dog and snail) and friends. She especially loves annoying her dog, Darcy, by incessantly taking pictures of her and sending them to everyone she knows.


- Co-Founder and Assistant Organizer of Interpoint, a national organization dedicated to advancing conversations around diversity, inclusion, and systemic injustice - Selected to present original research on Soviet history, political humor, and the philosophy of legitimacy at three separate conferences in Spring 2020 - Currently serving as an intern at MATTER, a healthcare innovation non-profit in Chicago - Co-Chair and Founder of Next Generation Healthcare Collective, a student-run and founded organization that aims to connect those with interest or current employment in the field of healthcare together

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