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Emily Cebulski  is a University Innovation Fellow candidate and an undergraduate student studying Statistics and Finance at 
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Loyola University Maryland. Her focuses include Actuarial Science and Applied Mathematics, and she is actively preparing for her preliminary actuarial exams. Emily is originally from Reading, PA, where she lived until she moved to Baltimore, MD to pursue her degrees Loyola. After becoming involved with the Mathematics and Statistics club on campus, Emily was notified about the opportunity to become involved with the University Innovation Fellows Program. She is excited incorporate her interest in math with what she learns through this program to help cultivate innovative ideas and solutions at her campus.

From a very young age, Emily has been fascinated by numbers and their practical applications to many aspects of life. She enjoys solving puzzles and problems that come to her attention through innovative resources and unconventional solutions that might not be identifiable upon quick thought. When not at school, Emily can be found reading a good book, baking desserts of any kind, or going for a long run on the trails around her house.

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