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Emily Campbell is pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at Bucknell University. She works at Bucknell's Environmental Health & Safety Department where she develops training programs, performs lab safety audits, tests the fume hoods on campus. Emily also works as a First-year RA on Bucknell’s Languages and Cultures Residential College hall.

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Emily is enthusiastic about her research on campus. She researches in a genetics lab where she studies various aspects of reproduction. This includes resource allocation to reproduction under dietary restriction, meiotic division, meiotic spindle attachment, and meiotic force balance in trivalent chromosomes. Species Emily researches on include black widow spiders, mesostoma flat worms, and praying mantids. 

This past year Emily was an Affinity Leader of Bucknell’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation themed house. Under this role Emily planned programs for students to interact with successful innovators and entrepreneurs that have some connection to Bucknell as well as events that fostered creativity and collaboration. Many different academic majors were represented in the house, though it was primarily composed of engineers. This is what inspired Emily to help promote a more inclusive, interdisciplinary educational environment at Bucknell. She plans to do this by advertising design and business competitions more widely across campus, further developing the design competition that she helped to run last year, and attempting to break down barriers between academic departments.

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