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Eman Ali is a University Innovation Fellow, and a senior student at Abu Dhabi University majoring in Digital Marketing. She chose this major because she believes that this major is the best major that matches her personality and interests. Because she loves photography, videography, video editing and creating social media content. 

Eman is a very active person who can get crazy if she doesn't explore new things. So she decided to dedicate a lot of time for volunteering because she gets her happiness from the people she makes them happy. So she volunteered in the Middle East North Africa special Olympics for 4 days, and for her, this was one of the best experiences that she had ever been through. She also volunteered to do a social innovation workshop for 60 students with the help of a team and a university professor. 

Also, she was elected to be the student council and she was the events and the club coordinator. She coordinated many events along with the members such as the freshmen gathering, freshmen orientation, Air hockey tournament, Iftar distribution, the International day and so many. Eman has a lot of hobbies such as writing,  reading novels, drawing, making DIY, doing nail art, makeup, hair tutorials, henna, photography, and videography. 

Eman won the 2nd place with her team in the stock market competition which was organized by Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange. She also has been on the dean's list every semester for outstanding academic performance. She still wants to achieve more because she thinks that people don't grow by age, they grow by experiences. 

Eman Also won the 3rd place in the Undergraduate research competition which is patronated by H.E Hussain Ibrahim, Minister of education. There were 260 teams participating from different countries, and the research was about the impact of events marketing on the studets involvement rate.