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Dustin is part of 2018th University Innovation Fellow Cohort and studies International Management and Engineering at Hamburg’s University of Technology. Together with his team he was in the first leadership circle of the campus. His focus lies heavily on entrepreneurship and product development. He acquired his bachelors degree at the Ostfalia University for applied sciences in Wolfenbüttel and in this he also went abroad for one semester to study at the San Jose State University in California. 

In his free time, Dustin enjoys running and soccer but also likes to read a lot. He will also be found working on private projects with other peers that share an entrepreneurial mindset, or they just hang out being unproductive but funny. He did work at Lufthansa Technik for 2 years (one year part time beside the master studies) and went on to look for a more entrepreneurial opportunity. Overall, Dustin is a humorous guy that loves to ideate with others and enjoys working on a true challenge. 

From him to his Teammates: "Thanks a lot for the great work on our project!" His team consisted of: Tim_HansenJonas_Koester and Jakob_Scheitza

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